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IES Computer is a OEM Microsoft System Builder of Intel and AMD Computers. Installing Retail Stores POS Systems, Lawyer's office data base systems and Dental & Doctor office computers systems and software, Servicing home pc's, printers, scanners, monitors and more....  IES Computer on-site service is where you get the best for less on time every time.

Ripley WV. 25271

238 1/2  Church Street  So.


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   Store: WV. 304-373-1211        Cell: 304-373-6808

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Located beside Dave's Auto Across From  Dairy Queen

Business Hours Riply, WV. 25271

Tue - Wed 12:00  to 5:00PM - Fri 2:00PM to 4:PM - Sat - 11:00AM to 1:00PM

Monday & Thursday On-Site Service - Call For Appointments   Closed Sundays



 2008 & 2009 In Connecticut The Hartford Courant  Rated Computer Stores For Customer Satisfaction And Listed  "IES Computer Store "  Number ONE


Systems Start at $287.00  3GB Ram, DVD/RW, 320GB HD Windows 7 HM    Word Proc, Spreedsheet Photo Prg. Anti-Virus +  More!